14 April 2017

Takara Japanese giftsets VSX - VSY - VSZ!

Complete my trio of "VS" Japanese giftsets recently and am over the moon, yay!

From bottom to top:
VSX: Convoy vs Megatron giftset (1984)
VSY: Grimlock vs Soundwave & Frenzy giftset (1985)
VSZ: Sunstreaker & Skids vs Buzzsaw giftset (1986)

VSX: Convoy vs Megatron giftset (1984)
(this set is unused and comes with the poster)

VSY: Grimlock vs Soundwave & Frenzy giftset (1985)
(this set is unused and comes with the storybook)

VSZ: Sunstreaker & Skids vs Buzzsaw giftset (1986)
(this set is stickers applied and missing some catalogue papers, but it has no flap crease!)

Photo also showing the other 2 rare early giftsets:
Goodbye Convoy giftset: Convoy, Alert, Ligier (1986)
Goodbye Megatron giftset: Megatron, Starscream (1986)

26 March 2017

VSX auction on eBay from Grimlock's Paradise

Where these were once as rarely seen as unicorns and leprechauns, these have been appearing a little more since late last year.

Here comes another VSX. It is on eBay for a BIN price of US$10,000 minus $0.01.

I have added this record to my tally here.

Link to auction is http://www.ebay.com/itm/Transformers-Takara-Vintage-VSX-Optimus-Prime-Megatron-Giftset-MIB-Unused-/172592005930?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276.

26 February 2017

The year was 1987 - USA Headmasters, Targetmasters and Monsterbots

The 1987 Decepticon Headmasters & Targetmasters: Snapdragon MIB (unused, sealed), Apeface (unused, sealed), Targetmaster Cyclonus MIB, Targetmaster Scourge MIB, Slugslinger MIB, Triggerhappy MIB, Misfire MIB, Mindwipe MIB, Weirdwolf MIB, Skullcruncher MIB.

The 1987 Autobot Headmasters & Targetmasters: Highbrow MIB, Brainstorm MIB, Chromedome MIB, Hardhead MIB, Targetmaster Hot Rod MIB, Targetmasters Blurr MIB, Targetmasters Kup MIB, Pointblank MIB, Crosshairs MIB, Sureshot MIB

15 February 2017

1987 Headmaster Horrorcons - Snapdragon and Apeface

Takara D-99: Apeface MIB
Takara D-100: Snapdragon MIB
Hasbro Apeface MIB (unused, sealed to bubble)
Hasbro Snapdragon MIB (unused, sealed to bubble)
Loose Apeface: robot mode, gorilla mode, plane mode
Loose Snapdragon: robot mode, dragon mode, plane mode

04 December 2016

VSX giftset - Convoy (Optimus Prime) vs Megatron (1985, Takara Japanese Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform!)

I would have waited an eternity for this, I am back!

Since a couple of months ago, I had wanted to start writing again, now that it is nearer the end of the year and also because things have quietened down. Be sure that although, I am not been writing for the last 18 months of so, it is not because I have stopped collecting or have exited the fandom (as some nice people here have written to me to ask me about).

I was waiting for the right time to come back. And the right time is now.

It was my birthday a couple of days ago and one of the birthday presents that I got was a vintage Takara Japanese exclusive VSX giftset.

First, I'd like to thank the seller who is an old friend who sold it to me. It was not easy to get here to say the least but he is an ace-guy and we got here in the end.

For those in the-know, there really is not that much to say about the VSX giftset other than its truly one of the rarest vintage items (which has been released at retail) in the Japanese exclusive sphere. It is seldom seen and even if seen, seldom complete (especially the poster which tends to be missing) and if complete, not often unused.

Here is a set that is 100% complete, unused and with poster. Admittedly, for my set there are 2 pieces of paperwork missing, which does not make it "100%", but I guess this might be as close as I get, for now.

18 June 2015

Lots of Autobot Cars MIB - USA Series 1 + 2 and Takara Japanese Fight! Super Robot Lifeform

Another series of shots that are inspired by the great HeraldofUnicron...

As far as possible, I have tried to photograph a character in its USA Hasbro box, its Japanese Takara box and also a loose toy in robot mode (since the in package toys are usually in vehicle mode). For some characters, where I have them, I would also try and include a loose toy in its alternate mode in the shot.

There is something about this shot, I just cannot put my finger on what it is...

In terms of inserts, I have tried to use either eHobby version or Encore version inserts because these are much more stable than the original bubble inserts. They have an overall different look, but are very stable. For characters with no eHobby / Encore reissue, I bought repro bubbles from BubbleFormer.com.


Takara 02 - Hound MIB
Hasbro Hound MIB (insert is a repro)

Takara 03 - Wheeljack MIB (unused)
Hasbro Wheeljack MIB (original inserts)

Takara 04 - Swipe MIB (unused)
Hasbro Sideswipe MIB (insert from eHobby reissue)

Takara 05 - Alert (unused)
Hasbro Red Alert MIB (original inserts)

Takara 06 - Jazz MIB (unused)
Hasbro Jazz MIB (insert from Encore reissue)

Takara 07 - Ligier MIB (unused)
Hasbro Mirage MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 08 - Streak (blue) MIB (unused)
Takara 08 - Streak MIB (unused)
Hasbro Bluestreak MIB (unused)

Takara 09 - Prowl MIB
Hasbro Prowl MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 10 - Inferno MIB
Hasbro Inferno MIB (eHobby inserts)

Takara 25 - Trailbreaker MIB (unused)
Hasbro Trailbreaker MIB (inserts from Encore)

Takara 26 - Grimlock MIB (unused, Made in Japan version)
Hasbro Grimlock MIB (unused)

Takara 27 - Sludge MIB
Hasbro Sludge MIB (unused)

Takara 28 - Slag MIB
Hasbro Slag MIB (unused)

Takara 29 - Snarl MIB
Hasbro Snarl MIB (unused)

Takara 30 - Swarp MIB
Hasbro Swoop MIB

Takara 44 - Tracks MIB (unused)
Hasbro Tracks MIB (inserts are from eHobby reissue)

Takara 45 - Smokscreen MIB
Hasbro Smokscreen MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 46 - Hoist (unused, Wrecker variant)
Hasbro Hoist MIB (Encore inserts)

Takara 47 - Grapple MIB
Hasbro Grapple MIB (eHobby inserts)

Takara mailaway Ratchet MIB (unused)
Hasbro Ratchet MIB (Encore inserts)

Takara VSZ Giftset
Hasbro Sunstreaker MIB (original inserts)
Hasbro Skids MIB (Encore inserts)

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