14 April 2017

Takara Japanese giftsets VSX - VSY - VSZ!

Complete my trio of "VS" Japanese giftsets recently and am over the moon, yay!

From bottom to top:
VSX: Convoy vs Megatron giftset (1984)
VSY: Grimlock vs Soundwave & Frenzy giftset (1985)
VSZ: Sunstreaker & Skids vs Buzzsaw giftset (1986)

VSX: Convoy vs Megatron giftset (1984)
(this set is unused and comes with the poster)

VSY: Grimlock vs Soundwave & Frenzy giftset (1985)
(this set is unused and comes with the storybook)

VSZ: Sunstreaker & Skids vs Buzzsaw giftset (1986)
(this set is stickers applied and missing some catalogue papers, but it has no flap crease!)

Photo also showing the other 2 rare early giftsets:
Goodbye Convoy giftset: Convoy, Alert, Ligier (1986)
Goodbye Megatron giftset: Megatron, Starscream (1986)

26 March 2017

VSX auction on eBay from Grimlock's Paradise

Where these were once as rarely seen as unicorns and leprechauns, these have been appearing a little more since late last year.

Here comes another VSX. It is on eBay for a BIN price of US$10,000 minus $0.01.

I have added this record to my tally here.

Link to auction is http://www.ebay.com/itm/Transformers-Takara-Vintage-VSX-Optimus-Prime-Megatron-Giftset-MIB-Unused-/172592005930?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276.

26 February 2017

The year was 1987 - USA Headmasters, Targetmasters and Monsterbots

The 1987 Decepticon Headmasters & Targetmasters: Snapdragon MIB (unused, sealed), Apeface (unused, sealed), Targetmaster Cyclonus MIB, Targetmaster Scourge MIB, Slugslinger MIB, Triggerhappy MIB, Misfire MIB, Mindwipe MIB, Weirdwolf MIB, Skullcruncher MIB.

The 1987 Autobot Headmasters & Targetmasters: Highbrow MIB, Brainstorm MIB, Chromedome MIB, Hardhead MIB, Targetmaster Hot Rod MIB, Targetmasters Blurr MIB, Targetmasters Kup MIB, Pointblank MIB, Crosshairs MIB, Sureshot MIB

15 February 2017

1987 Headmaster Horrorcons - Snapdragon and Apeface

Takara D-99: Apeface MIB
Takara D-100: Snapdragon MIB
Hasbro Apeface MIB (unused, sealed to bubble)
Hasbro Snapdragon MIB (unused, sealed to bubble)
Loose Apeface: robot mode, gorilla mode, plane mode
Loose Snapdragon: robot mode, dragon mode, plane mode

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